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We were supposed to hang out the night before it all, but of course life has its ways of working out for the better.

His truck is a dusty mess; big tools, clothes, unopened Strongbow’s and paperwork are everywhere. But that passenger seat feels just like home to me. It’s a necessary thing when life feels like its lost you to find – and be – wherever it feels like home.

He tells me to wait and clears the seat of its junk, puts a gross cigarette in his mouth with a Nicorette patch on his arm, and turns to me with his impossibly ever-present smile. We get each other and I just know, it’s time to just let go.

Cousin Jordan is one of those handsome kids with charisma that everyone loves. When we’d walk through the halls at the hospital to visit Grams he’d wave to all the patients, acting as though he knew most of them by name. They all look at him confused but smitten, because that’s what Jordan does, he leaves you feeling a strange amount of things.

I didn’t know him well enough before last summer, but life has its way, right?

I spent a week with him and my sweet friend with the wild hair at his place in Penticton last August and was thoroughly annoyed and admiring of him by the end of it, because, that’s what Jordan does. We played Connect Four and drank B.C. Cherry Vodka at distilleries, watched his fast boat steal our belongings and offer them as a sacrifice to the lake while we listened to Dr. Dre; laughing uncontrollably at absolutely nothing and everything.

We wondered about our family, our history, and sat in silence confused about our future. I’d remind him of hope, and he’d say “Oh for sure,” and remind me he didn’t want to talk about Jesus.

But when you get each other, it isn’t necessary to talk about anything, not really anyways.

During that season, he spent a lot of his time at the hospital and inside Gramps house offering a glass of whiskey and simple company. He’d call me, tell me about it all, and let me know when it felt a bit too much.

And when we’d finished saying final goodbyes to Grams, he cleared the seat in that dirty old farm boy truck for me to feel at home. And we drove.

We drove down gravel roads and with dirt flying up my nose we sang Garth Brooks’ greatest hits at the top of our lungs. We said a few sad or stupid things, argued about my love life, and went back to singing louder than the truck rushing along the road.

Just last week, Cousin Jordan showed up at my house to take me to a concert I was already committed to, but couldn’t really afford. He told me selling the tickets was stupid, and we’d make a night of it. “I’m gettin’ you black-out drunk, I can’t even wait!” He joked with that smile.

I put on some shorts, hopped in that truck, and waited less than a minute before the cigarette was lit and hanging from the side of his mouth while he turned the music up loud. We sang Despacito and old country songs at the top of our lungs and drove into the city for a good old country show. And I let my hair whip in the wind as I thought to myself about how life has its way, and, how good it feels when find yourself at home.

Some people do that – they make you feel at home. I hope one day I’ll look so carefree while investing so deeply, so well, into the lives of everyone around me. I hope one day we’ll all have bits of that inside us all, so when people see us, they know they’ll be left feeling all sorts of beautiful, wild, silly, hopeful things.

I’m awake, just rested and willing to stay there a while. I’ll push papers and smile at the people I’ve come to love less like coworkers and more like family. I’ll watch that spring snow fall and warm my heart that sun always follows the rain. Or snow, in this case. And I’ll do it all because I think I’m finally realizing I need to crawl back into my own skin and live there a while. Live there for a lifetime like I really want life, whatever it might bring, and can have it to the full when I learn just to be me in this spinning little world. I’ll do it because it finally feels like peace to sit inside this skin and be who I was really created to be.

Hoping today you find yourself in love with life. Hoping your ready and willing to see heaven today; like you’d do it all not for the success or the money or the pressure, but rather, do it for the love.

It might be a Monday morning, but I guess I’m realizing Mondays could be treated like Sundays too.

For the love,


Mercy & Grace.

Following us like a sweet little star in the night sky, we find ourselves glowing in the calming light of His mercy and His grace. And sometimes hope looks like this when the cool traces our face like it knew us. Little bright lights in the dark night sky. Though hearts melt to frailty and minds most certainly uncertain… He is faithful. Always faithful. And like gentle little stars He will guide us home. Home to wholeness and healing, trust, and purpose just as He’d always planned.

And sometimes hope looks like this; like sweet little stars wrapped up in a night sky. And today my friends I’m praying for His peace as mercy and grace falls fresh and new on your beautiful face.

Sis, let’s go driving and singing. Let’s go side by side. And like little ladies out for a stroll we can sing and laugh and dance with the moon lighting up the steps of our happy feet. Big toques sitting atop even bigger boots looking small against those big ol’ mountain tops; red noses and chill showing white from the heat of our life.

Today’s post goes out to my big sis, can’t wait for this concert tonight with you!!

love you- Dee

Wow. Powerful words… “No one who cares about you could support your being pimped.. and that includes you yourself… you ought to be protected as a precious young lady” -Sinaed O’Connor to Miley Cyrus.

Much love for Miley & hope for her future


Here’s the thing about girls; when they dance they mean every move. So of course when I heard this song, I thought straight away of my girls who rock life with a song in their heart and dance in their toes. As though there just isn’t another way than to live life freely with purpose & joy… love it.

Today’s song of the day goes out to my little ladies: Bo, Olivia, Anna, Leilah, Emmie, Kennedy, Piper, Eden & Emmelina– you’re adored, beautiful daughters of the king- Dance it up!

Much Love & Enjoy,

I realize it’s 4.30pm… but I’m choosing a new moment. A new day. A new heart and a pretty little smile… and this day has been a good one to begin with. It’ll make me giggle later for sure.

It’s the long weekend. And it’s gonna be a good one.

Enjoy & Dance a little won’t ya?