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I adored the oak but was drawn by the sounds of the playful sea. And so I find myself stuck neither here nor there because those waves always move me but I should know by now they wouldn’t keep me.

It’s always this impression of freedom – the wild thrill of those waves in the wide open – crashing, lulling and bubbling around my toes, ankles, fingers and hips, and I should leave but it moves me. It pulls me until I am covered, dripping, floating, thirsty, happy, searching, giggling, surrendering, held and left, and held, and … Read the rest of this entry »

I think it’s easy to lose sight and yet we all become so terrified when we do. I’ve been seeing it in myself and in others a lot and I don’t wonder for a second how it happens.

I think we all get stuck with this vision of something great. It sits there inside of our heads, debilitating and wrecking our hearts until that moment it starts. For me, it was starting back school so I could learn how to really write for you. For others it’s the start of an organization, group, relationship, company, you decide. But it starts. That thing that you dreamed about in your heart starts.

And then it starts to gain some speed, we start to see a pace that sets dreams into motion. It’s terrifying. We start asking God, friends, family, ourselves… heck I ask strangers at Starbucks so many questions about my dreams, about vision, about everything that’s started. Its like everything that started off simple (and huge) now requires more insight, and the more we try to find it, the more we lose sight. Read the rest of this entry »

Well I suppose I’ll always love the look of flowers in bloom. Is there anything as beautiful as the colour, the scent, the warmth, or the light they bring to any old room? But today I want to tell you a little secret; roses in bloom will never bring me so much joy as those hiding behind strengthening green backbones.

I see the ones in bloom, I do. They’re lovely. They are a beautiful fragrance, a warmth, a light. But more often than not I’m transfixed on the ones who’ve yet to open wide their arms and reveal in true vulnerability all that they are.

I guess there’s just something about them; they’re patient, they’re strong, they’re humble. I have never known a flower to bloom before its time, and I wonder like a little kid if they whisper to God each day, “Is it time yet, today?” Read the rest of this entry »

My eleven year old nephew ended up at our place for a sleepover and I remember waking up to this fuzzy haired boy on his second bowl of Lucky Charms, awaiting the adults to wake up so we could play. Read the rest of this entry »

You can’t imagine the issues I have with my appearance. A lot of people may assume I just appreciate the fun of getting dolled-up. Truth? Nope, definitely not the case.

I had hoped to be Brazilian, or one of those perfect doll-faced Swedish girls. Maybe a dark-skinned goddess or a Moroccan Beauty… If only I could be anything but what I am. Turns out people don’t get to choose some things, and so, I doll up. I fill in eyebrows and darken eyelashes and smize like I know what I’m doing. Really, I’m just a chick trying to fit into a mold. The worst part is, the appearance of my face is just where it all begins.

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Sea Salt Kisses, Venice Beach I text my best girl and tell her, “I’m officially Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed.” She writes back with laughter, “Send me pics of the hot Aussie boys already!!!” I laugh and send her a picture of Crocodile Dundee. She tells me to hurry up; I’ve only got two weeks left. Touche. Read the rest of this entry »

There are too many headlines to keep track of and yet I can guarantee you’ve read very little anyhow. Read the rest of this entry »