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The rain had paused long enough for her to run down the street. The sidewalk was painted by the faded orange street lamps, and we were just supposed to drive by, continue on, keep going.

Of course I couldn’t. She was obviously crying, so I pull around the block and park. “I’m just going to see if she’s alright,” I say to my coworker in my passenger seat.

I hate wearing shoes. Even flip flops, I just want bare feet. I’m sure I should be concerned about glass or nails or something else that could harm me. But tonight, I’m just not.

I open my car door, bare feet onto the rain-soaked pavement and run towards her. She’s half running, half distraught, but she turns and stops when I ask if she’s alright.

I don’t really mind that we’re in the middle of the road, that we may be in someone’s way. I don’t mind, the girl just needed a quick reminder; nothing gets in the way of love.

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anchoredLove is so much more though, isn’t it? It’s so much more than billions of dollars and flowers and chocolates. More than me and more than you; that’s what’s so cosmic about love. And it gets me near tears because if you’ve ever felt a love out of this world than it’s true you must have met my savior and let Him become your savior too. You must have met Jesus because that’s love in the truest, purest, most radiant form. That’s love so much bigger than flowers wilting, chocolates fattening, and billions of dollars spent once a year when the emotion has capacity to shout and whisper out any moment of every single day.

This is the love to last a lifetime. Love to lavish. Love to center your heart. Love to sweeten the soul. Love to anchor your feet while your eyes flutter wide and in awe of the simplistic beauty of it all. Sure He’ll love you today on this silly commercial holiday, but He’ll wrap you all up in it again tomorrow and the days after that too.