M+R is for the ordinary people who don’t care as much to make a big life as they want a better life. A better life which requires adventurous dreams, and strongly grounded roots. We’re all about story here, so we’re going to do our best to simply share the stories of moments in peoples lives, learning more about ourselves along the way. Sharing story is the best way to connect, find some grounding, and learn to take the risks we’re all created to take. We were told life is an adventure, and we won’t be settling for anything less.

“Life, the adventure, asks us to soar to greatest heights. Traditionally we’d say than to gather your wings. I’d challenge you to consider without the deepest of roots, would not soaring to great heights become a tiresome battle, a momentary plaything? Life to the full is the promise, so gather your things: your maps, your roots, your wings.” – Dee

So. Let’s just go already!


The M+R Team