It was a winding road and cool spring breeze. I was sitting tall behind a good man on a motorcycle, weaving through the mountains with matted hair and wanting of nothing.

“I don’t think about anything when I ride,” he said with a silly grin on his face, smitten by a piece of machinery he calls his Girl.

But I was thinking, and, it was good too.

I was thinking I finally found the antidote, and it looks nothing like I’d assumed for so long. I was thinking that life was alright and love isn’t easy, but dammit, it’s good. I was thinking I’d stopped being the good girl, but it was going to be okay, being human with flecks of heaven inside my bones.

It was going to be okay because love and God are synonymous, and if I kept this up, I could really learn to love who He designed me to be. I was thinking I’d felt so far away, but I could feel it on that winding road with that cool spring breeze. It was flesh and flecks of heaven, it was Him and finally, I was me.

My belief is when you’re telling the truth, you’re close to God. – Anne Lamott