I think it’s easy to lose sight and yet we all become so terrified when we do. I’ve been seeing it in myself and in others a lot and I don’t wonder for a second how it happens.

I think we all get stuck with this vision of something great. It sits there inside of our heads, debilitating and wrecking our hearts until that moment it starts. For me, it was starting back school so I could learn how to really write for you. For others it’s the start of an organization, group, relationship, company, you decide. But it starts. That thing that you dreamed about in your heart starts.

And then it starts to gain some speed, we start to see a pace that sets dreams into motion. It’s terrifying. We start asking God, friends, family, ourselves… heck I ask strangers at Starbucks so many questions about my dreams, about vision, about everything that’s started. Its like everything that started off simple (and huge) now requires more insight, and the more we try to find it, the more we lose sight.

I stopped sleeping. I started clenching my jaws and getting sick late at night. I started worrying, second-guessing,panicking, forgetting. I think you might get this, I think you might get me too.

I haven’t figured it all out, but I’m realizing that I wasn’t required to fully see everything that I dream up. I didn’t need to see and know it clearly before I began.

I just needed faith.

So how do you pull back from needing to see everything when your dream feels like it’s gaining the speed of a freight train but you’re not sure you’ve laid down all the tracks? Some people might be so inclined to close their eyes, but faith doesn’t require us to be blind as much as it doesn’t require us to see fully. It doesn’t require us to be mind readers either.

Think about when everything you dreamed of started to set pace into reality. Did you know everything? Did you see clearly where you were going five minutes from there?

I can guarantee you didn’t have the slightest clue. And actually, that’s probably pretty good.

Blindfolds & Blinders It’s a churchy thing to refer to blinders, but it just sounded better. In all honesty though, trusting blindly is a really dumb way to handle your dreams or anything in your life. In fact, its kind of an oxymoron. Trust requires you to use your senses. More specifically, it requires you to use your spiritual senses, otherwise known as faith. Instead of going blindly, which requires none of you, use blinders instead.

See blinders are those things on horses that keep their eyes focused, and I like to believe, keeps the bugs away from them. If you are given a dream, you have to take responsibility of it. And that responsibility? Having faith that God will take you to the place that dream grows – by His merit – not your own. See it isn’t about knowing everything that lies before you, but rather knowing who it is that goes before you. Set your eyes on God, the dream giver, and He’ll show you the way as you follow His lead.

Dream & the Giver I just think it’s important to remind you it isn’t about the dream anyways. It’s about the dream giver. And when it’s about following God rather than fulfilling your dreams, contentment in any outcome is yours. What if your overthought plans don’t work out? What if there is failure? I’ve heard a little voice in my head reminding me “So what! If you followed God’s lead, you’ve accomplished it all.”

Otherwise you’re going to end up like me; no sleep, sore jaws, worrying, second-guessing. There is no need to take something into our own hands after we’ve been told that the dream started in God’s heart first. In fact, its kind of rude to do so. Rude, selfish, and a little needlessly defiant I might suggest.

I just wanted to say I think it’s okay for you to stop trying so hard to figure it all out. You don’t have to know where you’re going… you don’t. You don’t have to know what the outcome is going to be. You don’t. You just have to know that God loved you, He put a dream inside you, and He’s going to carry it out through you. So go ahead and follow Him. Stop planning it all out, and follow His lead.

So go ahead, lose your sight and find your faith. He brought you to this incredible dream. Let Him realize it again, and again, and again for you too.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11.1

Oh right. This is a note to self but, I’d be glad if you found some use too. XO, Dee