Well I suppose I’ll always love the look of flowers in bloom. Is there anything as beautiful as the colour, the scent, the warmth, or the light they bring to any old room? But today I want to tell you a little secret; roses in bloom will never bring me so much joy as those hiding behind strengthening green backbones.

I see the ones in bloom, I do. They’re lovely. They are a beautiful fragrance, a warmth, a light. But more often than not I’m transfixed on the ones who’ve yet to open wide their arms and reveal in true vulnerability all that they are.

I guess there’s just something about them; they’re patient, they’re strong, they’re humble. I have never known a flower to bloom before its time, and I wonder like a little kid if they whisper to God each day, “Is it time yet, today?”

is it time yet, today?

I’d imagine it can’t be easy for flowers to wrap all that they are inside those little leaves. I can guarantee there is more tension than patience some days. And I wonder if we could understand how they feel.

But we’d never rush a little rose to being what it isn’t ready to be. We wait, with anticipation. We watch it carefully, consistently. We water it, bring it towards the light- directly or indirectly- we bring it towards the light.

When I wake up each day and look at this little rose garden, I see potential. I don’t want to rush any little thing before its time. I see little secrets in consistent preparation. Growing secretly in beauty, oh how wise to grow beauty in the secret, awaiting the day they whisper Is it time yet, today? to finally hear a laughing breeze and an opening of their wings.

It’s lovely for me to see those of you who are in full bloom; lighting up the room, bringing a sweet fragrance, making everything feel warm. But its those of you wrapped tightly inside buds that have me completely transfixed. Friend do not lose sight, you are patient, you are humble, you are wise, you are strong.

In the tension of preparation and waiting might I just encourage you; there are a select few who are waiting, in anticipation. These people are careful, they’re consistent. They do their best to bring water and find the light. Know them by name and hold them closely, the ones who see potential rather than the ones who push for results. Because there is nothing like seeing a rose in full bloom, but I’ve never known a flower to open before its time.

For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?

Luke 14.28