I used to dream big.

Everything swelled inside my head like clouds on a blue sky day and I was grateful for the shade as it would come,

and it would go.

The sun shone so brightly I couldn’t avoid its light. I couldn’t escape its warmth. But I wanted to or needed to escape… which is truer I’m not sure. Because in the escape I found the truth and while being away I learned to avoid the lies. The world is full of dreamers stuck to schedules and circumstances and everything that means so little in the end.

I’d learn to leave the scorching for the shade. Leave room for the breathing not the beating and I’d learn to hear laughter like children. Like forts made of grandma’s old floral bed sheets, flashlights pointing away from us and up toward the world. Like we’d never heard of casting vision or building kingdom’s because we knew instinctively to love was the greatest, simplest contribution we could make.

I used to dream big.

Floral sheets



You and me and us

Blue skies, big clouds

my head swelled

and my heart