If I could be anybody in the whole wide world, it would be Mother Teresa because obviously, she is pure legacy. She built her life quietly, consistently, and for the sake of others. Is there anything more lovely than this?

If I’m honest though, I would tell you I’m tempted to be Katy Perry sometimes because, let’s face it: Katy is cool and all the boys like her. If I were Katy, I’d go around singing to children and teens about how they are all fireworks. I’d wear the coolest sequined clothing, have a real woman’s body, and say ridiculous things without worrying about other people’s opinion. I could also sing, which is not a gift I currently have, and that would be really fun for karaoke parties or singing in the car. I really like Katy a lot. And sometimes, I might choose to be her if I could be honest with you.

Without discrediting Katy’s legacy in the making however, she doesn’t hold a candle to the legacy of Mother Teresa. Not that we all need to wear the same outfit daily and live in war zones to have a legacy, but we need to be women of consistency. Isn’t Mother Teresa a perfect example of such a life? Unfortunately, we often confuse ourselves with what we really want in the long run because our society is hell bent on receiving things quick. When instant gratification becomes a driving force rather than lasting impact, we lose focus of our goals, and find ourselves somewhere we didn’t intend to be.

This is how we are sometimes: we want to sparkle, sing cool things like baby you’re a firework cause we’ve got a wicked voice, and say all the things society thinks is ridiculous because it garners big attention quickly. But I think we are called to be something a little more lasting than fifteen seconds of fame. I heard someone say we needed fewer fireworks and more lighthouses. I like that. And I’d add; we need fewer Katy Perry’s and more Mother Teresa’s; we need less celebrity and more legacy; a little less rise and grind and a little more rise and shine.

So here’s the three things I want you to stuff in your pocket for an incredible day today.

  1. Everyone has a stage: from Mother Teresa, to Katy, to you. You don’t need to be famous, or a saint to do well with what you’ve been given. You simply have to use what you’ve been given to make good use of the stage.
  2. Your life was built for legacy: You don’t have to rush anything today because you were built for the long haul. So take it slow, don’t cut corners with your vision, and keep true to your long-term goals.
  3. Legacies are built for the sake of others: If you’re gaining attention for the wonderful things you’re doing for others, that’s amazing. And if you aren’t gaining attention for the wonderful things you’re doing for others, that’s amazing. You know you’re investing in your calling and legacy when it isn’t about you. Keep your focus on serving Christ, and either way you’ll have succeeded where it counts.

See it’s actually easy to surge enough energy to become the firework. It’s easy enough to do a great job with one project or in one season. It’s easy enough to have a great moment, but you weren’t made for a moment. Like Mother Teresa and lighthouses, you were made for legacy.