Sea Salt Kisses, Venice Beach I text my best girl and tell her, “I’m officially Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed.” She writes back with laughter, “Send me pics of the hot Aussie boys already!!!” I laugh and send her a picture of Crocodile Dundee. She tells me to hurry up; I’ve only got two weeks left. Touche.

I sort of wished I could be the girl who would forget her manners back in Canada while adventuring here in Australia. Finding a good make out sesh was even encouraged from the girls back home, and truthfully, it were easy for me to agree with the idea since it’s been 3.5 years; otherwise known as a lifetime.

Wait. I haven’t even been kissed in 3.5 years!? This is somehow embarrassing.

I pause to do the math here in a café with a man watching me count on fingers, and I nearly burst into laughter while I considered telling him what I were doing so I didn’t look so crazy. “Oh hellooo sir, just counting how long its been since the last make out sesh. No big deal… ahem.” Sometimes things are better left unsaid, and also, 3.5 years? Really?!

I shake my head slightly and get back to writing. I guess the thing is, I’m not sure what should be embarrassing about this. I just know I’ve grown up loving snuggles and somehow it matters. I also know from something so little and insignificant in the grander scheme of my adventuring here in Australia, it is far too easy to get caught up in the little insignificant things in the adventure.

The thing is, this isn’t about kissing a boy in Australia. What I’m taking my sweet time getting to in this post is our incredible ability to make such a big deal about the littlest things, reeking havoc on the real adventures awaiting us. It could be a car, a home, a relationship, a title, a status, an education, a wild innovation, or even a simple experience you’ve allowed to become your only focus. Even with such pure intentions, when we fixate on a portion of the picture, we actually miss the big picture altogether. We all have this tenacious ability to get stuck somewhere so deep and yet so far from the adventure, and so, our self. You know, you want to be a better woman, but all you keep thinking about is if you can ever just accept not being the prettiest or fittest. You want to be a better man, but can only think of how lazy you’ve become in vision and action instead. We get stuck here in thought, and it doesn’t help us be the man or the woman we really hope to be.

See understanding who we are and what we’re meant to be pursuing really depends on what we get caught up with in the journey. Too often we fixate on what we’re told brings a wildly fun adventure rather than thinking out and planning our very own wild adventure with God. What a devastation to everything unique and cool in us.

I wonder if we could set aside all these little things and get back to the adventure instead. See, I could’ve went on and on in that cafe and then some about my current Barrymore state. I could’ve, but that sounds depressing. See, if I did so, I’d miss out on snuggling the stars, sneaking kisses of the salty blue sea, giggling with new friends from all over the world, and hearing the whispers of trees deep within the quiet of rain forests, and I refuse to miss out on the true adventure. And in so refusing, I’m finding so much more of the truly important things of life.

I take another sip of hot coffee and walk outside towards the sea knowing I’m officially Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed, pre-end scene. And honestly I know it’s a silly example but, It’s something I can live with.