I have written and deleted too many posts to count since arriving in Australia.

At home it is easy for me to write. I am used to a schedule, a community, and a specific sort of surroundings. Here in Australia though, I am not. Here, I am searching and coming up surrounded by nothing but the unknown.

And its very difficult to surrender to newness, or even to surrender to rest. It is very frustrating for a planner to not have a plan, or in my case, fifty plans for half of my day. Even more so, it is nearly disheartening for a writer to feel she has lost her words.

Sometimes I need to get used to the simplicity of silence, rest, and the unknown. It’s important to get a little frustrated in the sense of a loss to be propelled into finding again. When the words seem to go missing, I am certainly called with wonder to go find them in the newness again; regardless the times I write, delete, and write again.

Life is easy in comfortable surroundings. But I don’t want to live a planned, comfortable, or an easy life. I don’t need to plan everything or know exactly the words I want to write or the life I’d like to live. That is not an easy thing to surrender to.

Because when the words seem to go missing I am called, with wonder, to go searching for them again.