Here in Australia there are copious amounts of venomous things. I was able with very little fear to look up the spiders to be aware of, and felt proud of myself for having armed myself with the knowledge. Snakes however, are another story. One in which terrifies me so greatly even Googling ‘venomous snakes in Australia’ took a lot, and only after a book I were reading terrified me into this research. Scrolling down, I closed my eyes when the Google images started to appear. No, I’m not kidding in the slightest.

I grew up thinking I had to ignore the enemy; the snake of all snakes. Straight up start singing la la la in my head, close my eyes, and stick my pointer fingers in my ears so he wouldn’t get to me. I grew up hearing I had power and authority to trample snakes but really left myself to these typical coping mechanisms instead because if I’m really honest, I’d rather run from snakes than crush them. But I certainly can’t know myself if I don’t even know how to smite Satan in his own game of lies and trickery for our life. Seriously, how can I know who I am or the power I’ve been given as a daughter of Christ if I don’t know how to rid myself of the enemy in his game of misfortunate deceptions? 

Here’s what I’m impressed with in Jesus’ 40 day temptation. He, being fully human, invited the conversation from the enemy rather than ignoring it. And you know why? Because he was straight up confident in His Father, His identity in His father, and the authority he was given by Father God. Go ahead and look it up; Christ never began conversation with the snake but he responded to anything that serpent would say with crushing truth. He knew himself, he could identity and crush the lies simply by knowing His father and His Word. 

I’m going to pull my fingers out of my ears now. I’m going to hear and know the words of my father about little me in preparedness that the tempter is going to come and converse with me about my identity, my purpose, and God’s vision for my life just like he did to Christ. I’m also going to know these words because they remind me sweetly of who I am- who I’m really seen as in Christ. I’m going to respond instead of pitifully try to pretend his non-existence and I’m going to see triumph like I just stepped on top of a heap of hissing snakes.