“I just want to do what I’m passionate about!” Everyone said. Always.

Famous. Last. Words. It’s what we all want. It’s clearly what we all claim while we squirm so dissatisfied in life. But do we even understand the words we’re saying?

Friends, we’re going to talk about passion. And we’re going to talk about passion for a little while here. Because our culture is forever consumed with desire, parading it around as though it is actually passion. Let’s not kid ourselves any longer. If we want to figure out who we are, and where we’re supposed to go in life, we must begin by speaking clearly about these two thoughts as both separate and divinely connected.

The definition for passion and desire start the same, and it’s where we nearly suffer a complex about our purpose and even our identity. To define either word, we start with a strong feeling towards something. Seems simple and similar enough, right? Wrong.

Desire is a strong feeling towards something, or for something to happen. It’s described as a want, a wish, an aspiration, inclination or impulse. It is something we crave or even covet. When I think about a desire, it tends to grow itself in a rather selfish form. It’s something we want, we get and we leave. It isn’t necessarily wrong, but we’ll get to that next week.

Passion on the other hand is a strong feeling toward something in which you’re willing to suffer for, which also communicates a certain longevity in its nature. Its origin in Latin actually translates to suffer for. The word speaks to devotion and excitement alike, and I’m certain we’ve misunderstood the meaning. I know, suffering kind of sounds scary, but we’re going to get to that in another post, I swear.

Alright, that made me tired. Let’s stop here, breathe, and pick it up again next week. Until then, check out the challenge below. It will do very little to hear a great concept if you do not connect it to your life practically!

Challenge: This week take a blank piece of paper or a journal and write I’m passionate about: across the top of the page. Then without thinking or erasing anything, write down everything (I mean everything) that comes to mind, even if you’re feeling stuck about your passions. Once you’re done, either circle or highlight only two to three things you’re willing to both devote yourself to and even suffer for. Leave it alone, and we’ll come back to this next week.

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