So you’re making a living, but you’ve misplaced your life. Even worse, there is only but a small window of time in which you even recall- oh right! Once in a distant time, I most certainly had a life. Doesn’t it make you shake your head?

I think it’s what we all strive for. I think it’s what we all long for. We want to know that beyond our ability to pay our bills and enjoy extra dirty martini’s Friday night with the girls after a long work week that somehow, in some way making a living really led to making a life we couldn’t forget about.

What is it that keeps us from remembering? What is it that drowns out the longing for deep relationships and desire for raw adventure? And why is it everything we’re passionate about seems like such a faraway dream; like Prince Charming or staying fit or looking ageless? Does it even matter if we follow our dreams, or should we just stay contented with wherever we are at? Are we ungrateful if we’re dreamers? I guess that’s really what I’m asking.

I have this funny feeling that we all grew up with perceptions of success rather than truths about our purpose. Though it has its place, without purpose our greatest successes will never feel like enough.

In the next couple months we’re going to take a look at the journey from our past up until our today because I’m convinced what we learned in our past may not require avoidance but rather, understanding. And once understood, we might find where we’ve been may actually lead us to a wildly beautiful adventure; a wildly purposeful life.

Now glory be to God, by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of- infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes. Ephesians 3.20 (LB)