I drive for days without end.

Up at five, brew the coffee, put on my jacket, drive to the office, type, drink the coffee, dream of the outside world, type, conference call, meeting, outside, I dream, finish the order, convince the boss, lock the computer screen, put on my jacket, get to the gym, tread lightly, run quickly, shower off the stress, drive through traffic, breathe, dream, home. And for days without end in the purple grey skies of winter I drive without end.

Have you ever seen them? The wild dark horses stand tall against snow-white covered plains like kings without need for castles, for queens, or for fame; they stand tall against snow-covered plains. And like a hero of my time they wait like sculptures to be made while snow clings like gravity to the grass they now claim.

And while white clouds whisper cold secrets about winters perfect storm I drive for days without end, while I dream, learn to breathe, without end. And there’s this place, have you seen it? It begins here at me and ends at the furthest seas, covered in white, plain as day, where dark horses hear the clouds whisper to the skies about storms and they dream. And their wild mane tosses itself to the air like who cares, bring it on, I am free.

See the whole world hibernates, closes shop, gives up and gives in when the storms about to hit. Grey purple skies and driving without end could easily do that to a man. But I wait, no, anticipate that one moment the earth parts from me to furthest sea on those plains where wild horses hooves beat quicker than the pulse of the rising heat of their unbridled hearts while they wait for the storm which seems to set these beautiful beasts free. From behind this drivers seat window, I drive without end, but I wait.

Do you see them? The wild horses? There on the blank slate they stand bold against the coming storm, who cares, bring it on. Toss their mane to the whispering skies, let their hearts beat loud through hooves on white plains;

’cause I wake, brew the coffee, put on my jacket, drive to the office, and dream.