There’s this time in the book of Matthew where Jesus gets word  about the beheading of John the Baptist. His family member who had baptized him and watched the heavens open as God the Father whispered love through the heavens and down to earth had just been killed… beheaded even.

Was He heartbroken? Shattered? Was He okay?

Scripture tells me He looks for solitude in the mountains with His Father God, but that a multitude of people came to Him for healing, for help, and ultimately, for life.

Did He even have anything to give? He should have time for himself. He needs to pull it together… doesn’t He? Sure He is God but we’re told time and ten thousand times again He is fully human. Emotions were sure to be swimming wildly through His head… and yet I’ve never even thought of that before this. Could I orchestrate a feeding of thousands followed by a powerhouse teaching, concluding with healing after I’d heard my cousin was just beheaded?

He sees the people, and has compassion on them. He doesn’t turn and run for the hills, no, not this time. He doesn’t get short or rude, calloused, or cry-baby on them.

He sees them, has compassion on them, feeds them and heals them as they need.

AND THEN, He leaves. He heads to the mountains and He rests their with His father. Isn’t there something so mesmerizing as a man who both understands His need, their need, and God’s ability to meet them both?

Jesus’ heart is ripe with compassion, no doubt. But if I learned anything today in this Jesus Journal, it’s that He is wise. Not simply in the moment, but He must have prepared for the moment all along the way. He knew when to stay and be fully present with those strangers whom He loved. More so, He poured out of His heart genuine love through teaching. He knew there would be a time set out to rest up with His Father, but He actually believed in God’s power to get him through until that time would come. I like that God’s provision wasn’t so black and white with Him; as though the Father could take care of them and then, He could take care of Him. I’d like very much to look like Him one day… I suppose, like Jesus, I could begin preparing for those moments even now.