Oftentimes I look at my life as though it were a storybook. Those who know me, know this well. What you may not know, is just how often I look at your life, and think of it as a storybook as well. At first, that might sound terrifying. Perhaps it should sound scary, but maybe, just maybe your life looks a whole lot better than you give yourself credit for.

I know a man who works as an accountant. He works from eight am until eleven pm. He has a wife and a toddler, and works most of his life away. I imagine his storybook, and to be honest, feel sort of sad. He talks to his son on the phone every so often and shares stories of how his son is at home working on some Lego project without him. He’s taken beautiful photos of mountain scenes and hangs them like a heart on the face of four cold office walls. And I imagine the tension of his life a constant question like sorrowful stars hanging in a sky without oxygen; does this matter? Is this pride? Is this accomplishment? As an accountant he won’t get much for gratitude or accolades. He won’t receive prizes for balancing books well, nor will he see much recognition for it. Sure he will find accomplishment for himself and will take pride in his work, but I can see from the way he speaks of his son and stares at the photos on his walls like stars in the sky, something is missing when his long workdays are done. Today he said to me; welcome, to my life. Life? I wondered.

There’s a young woman whom I’ve known since before bras and eyeliner were a thing. She was timid and sweet, and everything I was not when it came time for the age of teens to invade her life. She came to me, maybe fourteen at the time, and bawled because her testimony was so boring and dumb. She lived a life for Christ since she was young; she knew His power and didn’t care for getting caught up in what apparently made for a cool Christian story. But that one sad day, she came to me crying. I couldn’t help but choke up when I mentioned my awe of her inspirational faith. How could someone so young, beautiful, likeable and free stay so firm in Christ when the world called, no, screamed for her. In fact, I’d began contesting that her story was much better and bolder than any of the others because she chose to be strong in simplicity while literally everyone else ran for bright lights and big names. She became a solid rock for others; a lighthouse of permanent love for others to find shelter in. She began drawing pictures that told stories and made hearts connect over something better than the very definition of cool. Though a struggle, she fought for the freedom to be who she were called to be, and against all odds remains in His hope to bring beautiful back into the world. Often though, I know she sits and wonders to herself, life? Is this really it?

Yes. Yes, this is really it. This is life. And if you didn’t notice, it isn’t always fireworks and big names. It’s lighthouses and proud papas building Lego spaceships and getting home by six. It’s hard workers and big dreamers connecting with others for the sake of simply better lives.

Look, no one wants to read about an accountant who works from eight am until eleven pm while his wife and son play with Lego’s at home. BUT. Who wouldn’t want to keep reading the moment the accountant realizes his priorities and goes home by five instead. And no one wants to read about a girl who can’t find appreciation and purpose in the simplicity of solid faith. BUT. Who wouldn’t want to read about the girl who finally understood her worth and started painting a picture of her purpose and worth. The temptation to want something or even want to be something other than what is truly our own will destroy what is already in the works with God, and you. The hope is you will have enough courage and faith to believe in the call on your life without the tension of coveting the story of someone else.

Life isn’t about having a bigger story, my friends; it’s about a better story. It’s about being exactly where you are, and learning to love, grow, and be in the moment while always contending for more. I think while I ponder the makings of a good story, I’m beginning to recognize the enemy doesn’t only want you to believe you’re not good enough for a better story, he also wants you to struggle thinking your story is never big enough.

Let me remind you, God will guide you into your better story. Sure, it will lead to bigger things you could ever imagine, but don’t put your own limitations on what is better. Maybe thinking of your life like a storybook seems scary. Or boring. But maybe, just maybe you have all the makings and character for something better than you could ever imagine.