The struggle gets real when you choose to recognize where your hope truly lies. In it’s nature, hope will forever remain resilient because that’s how it was intended by its Creator. With freedom to choose for our own lives however, we can place hope in whomever, wherever, or in whatever we want to. If were all really stupid honest with ourselves, I wonder if we could admit we hope in an outcome specific to our standards, our selfish desire. I wonder if we could remain simply in His promises from His Word and not the promises we’ve created for ourselves or the words we create and decide for ourselves.

And I’m realizing it’s not that I hope which is the struggle… But rather my resiliency to hope in the whomever, whatever, or wherever that I really find my falling. I find my struggle, my disappointment and even a little heartbreak right there in the plans I have for His hope rather than the plan He will bless me with in His Hope. As though the people, the places, the things hold a candle to the faithfulness in following through as Christ always has and will for me.

Hope was made for resiliency because Christ intended for me to place it all in Him rather than the outcomes. And so, I hope.