If it is for freedom that we have been, or are being set free, then why do so many believers look so consistently sad when we talk about justice? Why do so many look so tired, so angry or even worse, why do we look so… fake? That verse there, it doesn’t say for anger or for ignorance we have been set free… it says for freedom we have been set free. Of course injustice should make us sad, angry and even exhausted. When we work through the wisdom of Christs’ words though, we shouldn’t simply stay in those places of thought though.

I hear it a lot. Even today I spoke with a beautiful woman who wondered, “If I care about the injustices of this place, will I not want to shave my head in radical feminist approach torching men and this world while I sit in a ball holding my hands over my ears rocking back and forth all the same?!” Well. If I can be frank, yeah sure; Of course you might initially want to rampage society for being so insane. You might want to say “I don’t want to know, I just can’t hear this”. And that’s alright. I get that, I’ve been there plenty of times, and it’s alright.

I just wonder though if we’ve really understood the simplicity of our Savior though when we get all bound up in the injustice rather than the Savior. Isn’t it always about the Savior? Cause if we understood the simplicity of the Savior, and the simplicity in this verse, we might learn how to not only hear about the injustices, but walk in compassionate, justice-filled freedom we’d found in Christ. We’d be caught up in what’s going on above rather than drowning in the seemingly impossible of below. We could even keep our long hair and like boys. Or girls… or even the people in this world. See freedom isn’t ignoring, but it isn’t suffocating either. And no one wants a freedom that looks anything other than freeing anyway.

Do you remember I went to Moldova last spring? And I seen all these beautiful women ages fourteen to thirty-something sitting in a house with a guard dog, some baby chicks and a garden with the hopes of freedom. All of them having been formerly trafficked, sitting there before me in hopes of freedom. Their faces were everything between nervous smiles and deep dark sadness. It was surreal to imagine these impossible injustices touch the bones and souls of these women before me. The director would tell us story after story, reminding us of their names so I could immediately recall their beautiful face connected to the story. The rape, the torture, the kidnapping. The parents selling these children for bottles of vodka and the twenty-year-olds’ holding their babies caused by these injustices like these babies in fact were born simply for love. The loss of life and of family- these girls sat simply before me. And they blew my mind. Here I was going through one of the darkest times of my life, and it felt like a finger prick comparatively. And they blew my mind.

It wasn’t long before my team and I were welcomed into a celebration these girls had made for us. They wanted to celebrate with their new Canadian friends. And you know what they did? They welcomed us in broken English and their traditional Moldavian clothing. They held our hands and taught us to dance. They whirled us in circles, clapped their hands and winked their teeth in confident smiles. They weren’t ashamed of where they’d come from, even if that place held horror and bondage.

We’ve got a choice you know? You and I, we’ve got this opportunity every day. We can sit there in counterfeit lives pretending fake equals freedom. We could raise our fist in anger, even poignant, thinking somehow anger could wipe out the darkness. We could cry ourselves a mess, or run ourselves ragged and all in the name of freedom sake. We could.

But really when I look at that verse, when I look at those women dancing, it seems to me a choice. It seems to me freedom is dancing where the darkness loomed, it’s seeing the painful and pushing for the prospect of hope. It seems to me a choice because it looks to me [even in this one little verse] Christ is the one doing all the freeing up. It is not our burden to bear in freeing people, but rather taking part in what only the spirit of God can do while we stand firm, free and available for Him to do so through us. So, what’s your choice going to be?

It is for Freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery:: Gal.5.1