We’re digging through dirt so wet I should just be honest and call it mud.

But we’re digging through the dirt because it’s the only way to plant something good. And while we’re digging and taking out dead leaves, grinding all that’s hardened through that cold winter season and laughing at the wind, I notice something so beautiful in this friendship.

It looks like life to me. Something rare and beautiful to find, this friendship is treasure more beautiful than diamonds, more precious than rubies, valued more than gold.

There we are just young women trying to grow wisdom like flowers quiet and without fear. With the sun on our back and a breeze brushing up against exposed toes, there we are. Just two old girls, two young women, filling hanging baskets with florals and hearts with a little love. Digging out the dirt, grinding what’s hardened, planting a little good, and waiting quiet and without fear to see something more beautiful than jewels to rise up, to grow. Looks a little like life to me.