This is what I love about Jesus.

Remember that story about the woman who was caught in adultery? If you don’t, you can check out her story here. So she’s caught and her dirt is publicly displayed before Jesus… and a crowd full of finger pointers. But the next part is what I love about Jesus, and why I hope to learn a little from him. He does these simple things. And I’m reminded why I’m madly in love with him.

1.He bends down, lower than the sinner. Shows honor, respect, and humility where you’d least expect it.

2. He chooses to sink his fingers deep into the dirt of the ground. Never one to be afraid of getting a little dirty, he stays there finding bits of dust caught up under his fingernails.

3. He never points a finger back at the crowd, but asks them to answer a question about themselves for themselves. Brilliant.

4. He chooses not to point out, remind, or continue to bring up the situation that brought them together in the first place. He simply reminds her of how we’re all in the same boat of humanness and encourages her to keep walking; to stop the wreckage that sin entangled her in.

And this is what I love about Jesus. Simple, beautiful, and hypnotizing for a little follower such as me… and I’m reminded why I so dearly love him.

Friends, it’s time we look like him. This world needs people who are willing, no, who are passionate to bend down in humble love for others. This world needs people to get their fingernails filled with dirt, stop pointing fingers, and remember the person before we recall their actions. So go now please, and get a little dirty.