enslave::a person

entirely under the domination

of some influence or person::

Because I have this heart that beats and nearly drops dead when I hear the statistics of modern day slavery, I tend to find my heart and head constantly trying to comprehend something that cannot be understood. Nevertheless, I find myself here.

In this little place I often wonder because I see so much in my life and so many people in my world under the dominating influence of something or someone else; are we really honest about how many of us are actually enslaved? And are we really being honest about how much we press into Christs’ redemption power to remove us from the slavery and walk us through deliverance and into freedom?

I’m not trying to minimize the inhumane travesty of those enslaved by other humans for the sole benefit of money. We all know I cannot stand it, and will continue to stand for their freedom because I’ve experienced the awe of freedom in my own ways too. All I mean to ask is really, in the comfort of your home, your workplace, your car, the pub, the people, the strip club, the music you hear and the slippery lies you listen too; are you free? Or could we just get honest and say perhaps we have some freeing up to do; could I just be honest and say I have some freeing up to do?

Because there’s 27 million people who cannot simply walk away from their slavery. And just this past weekend we celebrated the One God who gave up everything that we could see a life of freedom, a life abundantly full and without the enslaving chains of sin. Yet I sit here in this place and wonder; of the seven billion people roaming this earth, is it true that only 27 million are sitting there enslaved? Because I’m looking in my heart, my workplace, my car and world with this disturbing feeling, we who have the authority in Christ to live free settle to live under an enemy’s’ dominating influence:: enslaved.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. -Galatians 5.1