I’m awake, just rested and willing to stay there a while. I’ll push papers and smile at the people I’ve come to love less like coworkers and more like family. I’ll watch that spring snow fall and warm my heart that sun always follows the rain. Or snow, in this case. And I’ll do it all because I think I’m finally realizing I need to crawl back into my own skin and live there a while. Live there for a lifetime like I really want life, whatever it might bring, and can have it to the full when I learn just to be me in this spinning little world. I’ll do it because it finally feels like peace to sit inside this skin and be who I was really created to be.

Hoping today you find yourself in love with life. Hoping your ready and willing to see heaven today; like you’d do it all not for the success or the money or the pressure, but rather, do it for the love.

It might be a Monday morning, but I guess I’m realizing Mondays could be treated like Sundays too.

For the love,