I’d always go to the corporate scanner, press ‘D’ to get to my scanner file, and then press the start button and then like magic, my scanned copies would show up on my computer. That’s how it’d operate. That’s how I operate. That’s how you operate.

When we get ‘in the habit’ of doing something, we’re literally training our brain. I’m not super science-y but I know we make literal pathways in our brain after an experience becomes a habit. Something about neurons and the synapses firing. My mother is somewhere shaking her home school teacher head.

Anyhow. I’d press ‘D’ on that scanner and then I’d hit start. But then the scanner stopped working so we had to reset it. Now my name is under ‘M’ (no, I don’t know why). You’d hope I could remember that but I seem to step in front of that scanner nearly fifty times a day, hit ‘D’ and freak out at that scanner for not storing my name under ‘D’. How can I forget so quickly…ugh.

It’s not easy to remember to do things differently if you’re used to doing them a certain way. It’s not easy to stay calm if you’re used to immediate responses such as throwing plates or yelling profanities. It’s not easy if acceptance came from drugs or porn, food or sex. It’s not easy if you’re used to something different. But here’s the thing. You were made for more than easy. And really, different isn’t bad. Sometimes, different is better. Different is good. Different is healthy. Actually, God calls this the renewing of our minds. It’s when you take what’s become typical and harmful and literally change those thinking and/or action patterns to become more of who you really are in Him.

I know it’s not easy to remember the changes we need, want or have to make in life. But keep going along your journey friend. You’re literally creating new pathways in your brain, and that’s a lot of work! Different isn’t so bad. In fact, different is good.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.- Romans 12