I sat there on my bed in a search last night. A search because I wanted to remember what was true then is still true for today. And while I searched I searched my heart and maybe even Christs’ while I wondered. How the heck is it so many parables are covered in this one touch theory, and I don’t get to see it for myself? Like a stubborn kid I pout my lip and slam my hand down on my bed. I want that!

One touch. That’s it. That’s all it took for so many people. One touch and the bleeding of twelve years just stopped. “If I only touch His cloak, I will be healed”, she said. And literally that’s all it took. And then there was that time after Jesus took Peter by the hand during the storm to save him from sinking when they met a country of people come to see Jesus for healing. People brought their sick “and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched him were healed”. That’s what it says. And then there were some blind guys too, whom Jesus simply touched their eyes, and they left healed. The young girl whom he held by the hand and she woke from death. One touch… I want that. I bet sometimes, you might want that too.

I don’t know where you’re at with this whole one touch theory, but I know when I first started in my consideration of this, I was pretty pissed. I’m kind of a child, but then again, I think in His sight, we all really are. Why not me, I’d thought in sad anger? I’d had enough faith, experienced him enough, and loved him like I’d never known I could love before. How come I didn’t become the recipient of the one touch from the only one Savior? I doubted my faith, my experiences, and just how real our love was.

Perhaps I’m not a blind beggar, and I haven’t been bleeding for a decade. Maybe you aren’t either. And then again, maybe you are. Maybe though, you’re struggling with addiction, loneliness, trauma, divorce, obesity, depression, or violent anger. And if we’re honest, those feel just as worthy as blindness or bleeding to be healed of. So… why aren’t we?!

I have this theory. I have this theory that our heavenly father knows us too well to just give us what we want. I think we have to also consider that the blind men didn’t only struggle with blindness, nor the woman bleeding twelve years merely struggle with bleeding. I cannot imagine the suffering and lies they came to know during their time with these ongoing issues. I can’t imagine how outcast they felt, or how little they knew about themselves outside the struggle.

What I do know however, is God works in ways far beyond our understanding… or our liking in some cases. I know He sees and loves you, and wants to reach your issues in a way that best brings Him glory and your true healing. I know for myself, I needed an Israelite experience, and not the one touch theory. I needed to be grateful from now until forever for a Saviour who would provide a way out of my slavery, into a desert-land of deliverance so I might find the fullness in journeying towards His freedom for me. Rather than one touch and BAM, it’s been more like one touch to heal one infirmity, followed by another touch, and another all along the way. Sometimes I wonder if after being healed from blindness or bleeding, these people needed some more of Christ’s healing. The story never continues the rest of the story… another topic for another time.

I’m not exempt from the one touch, and neither are you. I know so many people who have been healed in an instant of life-threatening drug addiction, porn addiction, cancer, broken families and so much more. And I pray with all my heart you’d be ever excited for this one touch kind of healing. Jesus can and does heal in an instant, and I really hope you’d never let this leave your spiritual sight. I think I’m just realizing now that it isn’t my weak or absent faith that disqualifies me from an instant healing touch from Christ, but rather, it’s the grace of a loving father knowing just what kind of healing touch I really need. And I guess I just want to encourage you, if you haven’t experienced the one touch, don’t assume He’s given up on you. Christ response to most of these situations is simply this, it is your faith that has healed you, or, just believe. That can feel pretty gross or frustratign when you aren’t just simply healed. I can personally empathize with that. Whatever you do… don’t give up on Christ’s ability to heal you.

What if rather than cutting off our hope because we didn’t receive the one touch, we embrace our faith in Jesus ability to heal- regardless the time frame or amount of times we’ve begged. What if instead of letting go of hope for ourselves, we stand firm in our conviction that Christ does indeed heal, and then walk confident and trusting in His ability. Jesus is the ultimate healer. For some, it takes a moment, and for others, it takes a journey. I think that’s what I’m beginning to learn. Though we can’t all expect to find healing the same way, we can and should expect to see healing. I pray you’ll embrace it friend; whether a moment or moments of a lifetime, it’s His healing you all the same.

:::you can find these stories by flipping your bible to or googling Matthew 9:18 to 31 & Matthew 14: 25 to 36:::