I didn’t expect it to take me like that; we sing this song often and the simple lyrics make it tough to forget. We’re singing worship this morning in church and I’m closing my eyes. Right there, when I close my eyes, that’s when it all starts closing in on me.

And my mind races through pictures of a past; bright blues and reds escorting us from the violent, a quietly tear-filled single mom wondering what will go well with two cans of tuna for four little bellies, a cocker spaniel and her. Pictures of bullies- name a time or place to the shouts of five little women nearing the mountains, that pretty place of peace. That drama, and then the heartache of being a teen. Lending a hand, bringing a smile, finding the peace.

A wedding dress, a sweet caress, those fighting words and great despair in unfaithfulness… unfaithfulness, unfaithfulness… but we sing and my heart lifts like wings while it all closes in on me and I can’t help but know through it all…

And I lift my hands, remember wind in my lashes, sand and ocean squishing through my toes, just to sing. Burst out loud, lift ’em high and declare. There is nothing like a man, nothing like a woman standing arms lifted high, heart positioned right, lungs bursting loud. Nothing like a King clothed deep in humility, reigning on high yet beside me He’ll be; and I sing:

Great, is your faithfulness

Great is your faithfulness

great is your faithfulness, you never fail…

I didn’t expect it to take me like that. But my mind it started wandering and my heart started churning and my hope is while you recall all you thought were going terribly wrong, Christ might lift you too. There is nothing like the picture of faithful making beautiful the unfaithful. There is nothing like redemption making pure the undignified. Because through it all, there is nothing like a humble Savior beside you just to remind you, great is His faithfulness. Simple, hey?