My pastor typically has awesome ideas. In fact, more often than not, he has some awesome ideas. The kind of ideas you want to remember so you can chat it up with God and make those ideas into a part of who you are, and how you do life. So this month as we [oddly enough] go through My Story as a sermon series, I find myself even more attentive to the words of Christ during sunday mornings. I love a good word. Even more, I love a good story filled to the brim with good words. And while we devour the parables of the Bible, I’m consumed by this one thought my pastor continues to throw out there.

God didn’t come to just make us better versions of how we view ourselves. Better versions who act better and look better to the world {or maybe for those like me, look better to the church}. He came to give us life to the full. The kind of life that brings out the real you- flaws, flesh, soul, trial, growth and all.

I hope you’re able to chew on that one a little while. Maybe find yourself less pressured to act right, and more inclined to just find real, true, good and full life in Christ; the author and perfecter of your faith.

Your friend,


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