heroOne day I’m going to talk about your but, though for now, I’ll just let you know your but is getting in the way of a good sentence. Your but gets in the way of a good  conversation and a good life. The title of this blog could be one example, I suppose. I could have said, you’re the hero, but it’s not about you, though this does not communicate what I want. Unfortunately, your but often excuses the former of the sentence, and that just won’t do. Life is far too complex to be left in black or white, wouldn’t you say? It won’t do in a story and it shouldn’t do in life.

Now before we get started I’ll make it incredibly simple for you- Christ is King. Jesus is the ultimate hero, and no one is like Him at all. For the purpose of story and the importance of your role in the story or in life, you have a choice of two characters; the hero or the villain. You could be the one that does nothing, but then no one would care to write your story. I will refer to you as the hero {cause well… I believe in you!}. AND, your heroism is only made truly possible when you allow Christ to work through you {praise God!}. Capisce?

It seems the world is getting caught up in the idea that life is paragraphs, chapters and series of stories in which we play a part. To be precise, you are playing the main character in your life’s very own story. AND. Your story is not about you. See that? You’re the main character and it’s not about you. Time to leave your but’s behind my friends.

Let me try and clear this right up. You see, your story is about the author, not just the characters; even if you are most important and incredibly valuable to the author. Of course I’m referring to your creator Christ, who has planned for you and for your full life since long before you were born. He chose you to play an incredible role, and though you have free will to go and do and be whomever you’d like to be, He is hopeful you’ll trust His good story for your great life. He is hopeful you will choose to trust His incredible design of your character; getting to know yourself so you can accomplish the life you were born worthy of living because of His deep love. You see, he planned for you and planned for your life to matter. He planned for your life to matter for the greater purpose of His kingdom, and He just really likes you and wants you to have adventure, love, loss, growth and pain to round out your character. To make you full of life, if you will.

This is where I need you to pay attention.

Your character was made for greatness. Hear me; you weren’t created for okayness, and not even goodness… you were made for greatness. God wants to see you live it up wherever you go, whomever you are around. He didn’t make you to just feel pain, struggle or even triumph. He made you for all you experience and more so your character can play that beautiful protagonist hero we all fall mad in love with during the movies we watch and the stories we read. He made you to make a difference in the life of those around you, those who aren’t around you, and those who aren’t even around yet. He most certainly made you in great love with divine purpose. He made you so you’d not get caught up in the circumstance and cling to the character in which He destined you to be. He made you in hopes you’d figure yourself out, get passed the selfish ambition, and live a life surrounded by heroic moments only orchestrated for and by the Author of Life. He’s dying to see you get out there. And He’s hoping you won’t make it about you. Look at any great character in any great story and you’ll see it is never about themselves. Their story gives life to them, but it is not about them. Russell Crow as J.J. Braddock in Cinderella Man, aspiring writer Skeeter Phelan in The Help, Katniss in The Hunger Games, or Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. Their stories are as varied as can be, the plot different, struggles and triumphs different, though their ultimate purpose for the sake of others rather than self.

So then hero; take a quick look around. How are those paragraphs, chapters, and series of stories coming along in your life? How is the development? How is the struggle, pain or triumph bringing His glory? Cause your story, it was destined for greatness. And you?… most definitely made for much more than just you.

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