short.I don’t actually care about resolutions for a new year because that’s too far in advance to decide and I need to do well for today. Sometimes I need to get my head wrapped up around what I can do well within the confines of the present. I think that’s where the potential for incredible tomorrows come from anyhow; the decision to do well with the today. Because regardless of tradition or situation, I’ve been told time and time again that there is newness in the morning. Every morning. Not just newness starting January One.  I want to rise slow and aware so not to miss it all.

Of course I wanted more in 2013. I think we all struggle looking back on a year while recalling the potential we know we could have reached. As a friend and I got talking, we realized just how quickly the good and rich potential in goals change from intentional to professional. So often I find myself forgetting to ask myself why I’ve chosen any particular goal. Without purpose, goals are rarely desirable to actual attain. For the large part of our goals, they change from hopes of character growth into To Do Lists. To Do lists are exhausting! And while I know deeply that character growth is painful, I also know growth is empowering. To Do Lists are rarely more than momentary satisfaction until we crave more accomplishments, eventually leading to exhaustion and truly unsatisfied hearts. Reviewing the intentionality and purpose of a goal, and then choosing each new day to follow through with the intention of our goals is the only true measure we should use while reviewing a year.

Because you see, at the end of a day, or beginning of a new year, it is rarely just about the things we accomplished but rather the person we have or have not become. It’s about how we grew in self control, grace, boldness, patience and the ability to care beyond selfishness. These moments in which character proves itself more than accomplishments. These moments when we realize healthy hearts accomplish more good, than a heart that just wants to look good.

And it can happen right now at the beginning of the year or on July 15th when the purpose of your goals seem to be in hiding. We don’t just need to wish the year farewell to begin again. We don’t need a first to find hope in ourselves or our destiny again. I’m realizing it isn’t the good-riddance of a year, but the embrace of a new moment which makes it all seem a little more clear. The release of what makes us imprisoned and the embrace of a new moment. It isn’t time for me to rush or accomplish so much stuff I misplace  my soul. Maybe it isn’t making impossible goals for a whole new year. Maybe it isn’t setting myself up for failure, or success to be frank. Maybe it is the subtle choices of faith, love, hope, grace, joy, or perseverance in a moment begging me to grow & become; believing for more of God to show up in those places we deem impossibilities. Perhaps more is accomplished in allowing myself to be rather than pushing myself to do. I’ve been asked to live a life worthy of its calling. I’m pretty sure you have too. So friend, Happy New Year. Here’s to hoping it’s filled to the brim with learning, loving, and being.