Being around the sex industry in hopes of bringing love can be draining. I’m not tired today but man, I feel it sometimes. This one’s for those who are thick in the fight for freedom of those caught in modern day slavery. You are a brave bright light, and I know it’s tough, I know it feels worthless sometimes. Let’s get back to where we started this all from. Let’s take a moment to find our heart once more, getting back to that place we started because we just couldn’t take the injustice anymore.  I feel it (tired) when people treat it like a fad and not a travesty to the history we’re (yes you, yes I) creating for our children’s children to remember. I know you and I both can’t get the images out of our head of women jumping into trucks that circle the block time and time again. For hours we watch Johns circle around us like terribly starving sharks and we pray they’d let us feed them what’s truly good so they’d consider not to prey anymore- What isn’t selfish and tearing both men and women apart. Watch them palm against the window sill wondering what it’s like to just get outside. Perhaps just to get out. They are so beautiful; have you seen it? Have you seen them? Do you remember why you’re out there? We watch women do lines of coke while jumping and shaking their head, prancing down the street arms wide apart. They sit holding their tiny frame while they share about their beautiful children and how their father just won’t acknowledge them any longer. Each and every month, and my friends just miss their kids.

Did you hear about them? Have you seen their pretty eyes and bright red hair? Their missing teeth and hollowing heart? Where do our hearts roam to hide? They are so incredibly beautiful.

I just received an email to encourage me and my team to keep going. Keep going out on those freezing streets and bring warm hugs to those suffering and in need. An email from a woman formerly trafficked here in Canada; starting in New Brunswick but not stopping there. No, that was just the beginning. I would have loved seeing your team out there, she said reminiscing of her fourteen year old self. And I’d met with another friend trying desperately not to dream of barricading the way of a formerly trafficked girl from heading back out there again. This girl is still so young, has a child, found hope… something had begun. My friend is tired, and I’m exhausted just to hear it. We pray and praying is always enough, but love is so strong it can’t help but want to reach out and touch, to reach out and hug. Reach out and dream of freedom for someone other than themselves. That’s where you started, that’s what you wanted. Remember? We send each other scripture and remind ourselves of the triumph already won.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a city to raise a word, and it takes a world of nations to slow trafficking to a stop (yes, to a complete stop… and no, you shouldn’t try to stop me. I wouldn’t dare but encourage you too).

I just genuinely wonder where you are at? How are you doing? Yes, God places certain brokenness on our hearts in hope we might join, but the call to fight for their justice is a global one. A call to all who claim Him King. I am with you, wherever you’re serving my friend. Must we first have to experience the trauma of being repeatedly trafficked in order to care enough to speak up or speak out? No, most certainly not. We simply need to say injustice is never okay regardless of what we can or cannot sympathize with. And those who haven’t experienced this should be the ones who champion it on behalf of those both wounded and courageous to overcome their past for their destiny, so keep it up dear friend. We at the very least can stand there beside them, arm in arm like a little courageous army while they shed some light to what we can’t really begin to explain. And you do that. God is so pleased sweet one. Can we really continue in good conscience to care only for those ‘loveable’ in our sight and not notice the incredible need for love outside our little four walls? Of course not… I’m so grateful we feel the same way. You have been called to things greater than yourself, you worthy, precious child. Greater like bringing love, justice, mercy, and goodness. This world isn’t for you, let’s continue to show it just that by spending our time in ways that would honor our hopes of heaven with Christ and no more sorrow. No more sorrow, no more pain for them and not just us. It’s really all we wanted in the beginning, and I’m sure it’s what we’ll see in the end.

Here’s the thing. I have my few, and so does our team. I’m hoping to hear you have your few too. Those few who continue to stay on those sidelines and cheer us on though it seems everyone else left of boredom, they yell and cheer us and I’m genuinely grateful. It’s good and I love it because they don’t come to cheer us but to cheer Christ in us, and while they yell and share and post, we know they’re joining us just by simply paying it forward.

I just wonder where the heart goes all those other times. Cause I just read yet another testimony of an over comer, and it breaks my heart she had to be there in the first place of course but she won. That’s where I land my thoughts, because she won. Friends let’s continue to rise up to the occasion. You don’t have to be the fanatic about trafficking if it’s just much too much… but what does your life say about you, and where your heart goes when you hear the tough stuff? The time is now, and it’d be much better if your heart chose not to hide or become burdened like the men, women, boys and girls must behind that awful face of trafficking. I’ll keep going. I said I’d leave my mom and dad and life behind to follow behind the Living Christ and I’ll keep going. Thank you for sharing; thank you for spreading the word and bringing the hope. Thank you for choosing to participate in a capacity that tells those caught in unjust situations that you care, and their injustice is simply not okay by you. Being around the sex industry can be draining. And though I feel it sometimes, I consider it a great joy. One thing I’m certain of is this: Great joy trumps being tired, and life of purpose and exposed hearts are more fulfilling than you can imagine. Try it. You won’t regret it, and I’m certain you’ll change history in a way your children’s children will be proud to remember.

For those of you fighting, keep fighting. You’re not in this alone. You have friends all over this globe who are so proud of the courage you show. Don’t lose your heart or let it hide. You are such a bright light. Here’s what I’m commanding you to do. Be strong and brave. Do not be terrified. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go. Joshua 1.9

“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear” -Winnie the Pooh.