It all started with Deanna Marie. It’ll end with Deanna Marie too.

That’s what I tell myself anyhow.

I’ve had a few names in my lifetime, and I’m only Twenty Nine {and feeling fine}. Names from a grandfather, a father, step-father, the City of Calgary Police, back to the step-father, than the father, and then there was the husband as well.

And there’s a certain point one naturally questions what is seriously in a name. How do I address renewing my passport when it states ‘any other names applicant is known by?’ with room enough for one other name? Perhaps not everyone, but I know I’m not the only one out there who wonders just who I really, actually am beyond everything else that was handed to me once I got here.

Maybe, just maybe that’d be you too. It might not be your last name, but perhaps the people sifting in and out of your life like the tides, moving from job to job but never finding a passionate career, or all those never-ending words you hear from strangers and friends alike which seem to define you. Failure, hopeless, selfish, fat, idiot, tiring, lost, annoying, awful, immature, ugly, perfectionist, pretty, careless. The list, my friend, could go on forever.

It dawns on me like a typical lover of Christ when the day is over and all is said and done, that all I come across in the natural, has nothing to do with the actual. The reality is, you can accept any given name thrown at you, or you can choose to find your identity in the greater truth of Christ.

You see, He knit you right up in your mama’s womb before you even knew you. Before you even knew your name, your flaws, and others perceptions of you. And when you were created, there were words spoken over you by your creator. Words like loved, courageous, adored, purposed, worthy and desired. Gentle, passionate, caring, brave, and over-comer.

What is in a name, is all you allow to be in your name.

My name is Deanna Marie; daughter of Jesus Christ, the Living God… followed by a plethora of awesome descriptors I choose to own as Christ  reveals to me. It’s how I came in to this world when I was purposed to, and how I’ll leave it too.

“Whatever you misdiagnose, you will mistreat… the devil gives us names that will dis-empower us… then we spend our lives playing by his rules because we believe in the wrong name. The devil is the accuser, and he often uses other people to propagate his alias identities over us… Just as bad names can hold people in bondage and lead them into destruction, great names can release power into our lives and bring us into our God-given destinies…It is so important that we live by our God-given names and not by names that tie us to bondage. We must break free of all aliases that we have been given by the world…” Kris Vallotton, Supernatural Ways of Royalty