I was silly and we were young.

You held the wheel steady while my toes found their tips on that heated car seat; lungs filled to sing freely outside the sunroof of that slow moving truck. There is nothing like joy in winter’s crisp air.

I giggled, and you yelled, but these fingertips brushed up against those bright stars and I couldn’t dare to move yet. I couldn’t dare to lose it.

I was so silly and we were so young. Dancing there with tipping-toes beneath the flighty moon;

hanging like whimsy in a navy blue night. Stars sparkle on like hope within reach.

 Let it all out in giggles and thrills and listen to it linger in that bright night sky. We age too quickly while that moon stays so new; and I suppose hope doesn’t die for the ageless. We felt so ageless. I was so silly. We were so young…

There is nothing like this crisp winter air, brushing stars and love lingering like whimsy in a navy blue sky. There is nothing like crisp winter air.