Heck yes.

There’s nothing like being stuck in traffic with weather worse than the Arctic is currently seeing, in a city with awfully terrified people who could really use some good winter tires, and maybe a sweet little tune. Because while there’s nothing like slick snowy traffic, even more so, there is nothing better than a most awesome song. As my dear friend Linds would say with a coy little smile; Hecka. Good. Those kind of tunes your shoulders drop low and shimmy back and forth to while your hips wade without consent from side to reaching side. Those songs that make the emergency lights along the roads add to your experience while drums beat wild like hearts beating wildly alive; like Satan’s getting a good beating before your eyes while heaven sings songs like Over Comers, like Freedom Fighters, like little wild fires. The kind of beating your poor steering wheel never deserves while you pound your  mitten-covered palm in rhythm to while the old man with the cigar in the vehicle next to you stares in delight. Or disbelief. Or deep concern. Matters not; I’m rockin’ out.

That’s right, while you’re wasting your long drive home in anxiousness or futile anger, I’m rocking out like it’s nobody’s business. Rocking out like I believe in the midst of chaotic disaster of minimal proportions {or epic depending your view}, that Jesus Christ is the King of this earth, and I don’t care who’s looking cause I feel a little like dancing instead.

Best part of it all is this; it’s your choice. Not a single others choice or responsibility to make you consider life with joy. So. In advance, you’re so welcome for providing this awesome song. Even though I didn’t need to provide your day’s intake of Twinkle Toes, I wanted to. Make sure you turn up that bass just enough to get your pulse back to a living level. Cause, I didn’t have to, but I like to remind you. Life is good… or at least it’s as good as you choose to believe it.