I haven’t written in a while; life is seemingly with little inspiration for the weak. Best news ever is this; In Christ, my weakness makes His strength perfect. I like that.

And so, I’ve written a Psalm all of my own. Nothing for the world to live by or the church to consider for scripture. Just a word by a girl struggling a little today, though encouraged by writing praise to Her Lord. I encourage you to try it sometime! Be blessed today, my friend, even if it’s a tough day for you too. Recall the miracles over your life, praise Him, and witness the miracle of a heart restored not to perfection but rather perfect peace from Christ.

A Psalm All of My Own

Is there no rest Lord, for those who will the Will of God alone?

Is there no sweetness for those engulfed by a world left cold and embittered?

Is there no refuge for those weary from the battle;

Those weary from fighting the same battle every day

All day long the same enemy appears

with both similar and strange threats to engage me.

Have not you promised good to those whom love you

Who keep your instruction on their hearts each day;

not even a sip of fresh living water to continue on in your Name?

There is none on this earth I trust but you;

None who are worthy of my simple girlish Praise

For you and you alone are God

Not my family, relationships, work or play will take your place.

Have I something within me displeasing to my King?

Show me that I might change my ways!

Though my body ache and soul left in wounds;

Though the world live incomplete and in pain, yet I know.

Yet I know the goodness of the Lord

The sweetness in recalling your miracles for me

Though I see nothing in sight for today I will not weep through the dawn 

I recall all that you did

all those many yesterdays; Every single yesterday

O how you have proven your great love for an adopted daughter!

May my heart never fade in singing your praise

Though my flesh in confusion,

My heart lay still and with hope for your discretion

For the Lord is good, and mighty to complete

The Lord my God; a Father, a Hope, a Peace;

A handful of stars for my future;

He will hold me brave with His right hand

Mighty Rock and Living Water;

Because of Christ I know, there is hope for me still

Praise be yours Abba Father, forever and ever.