I tried talking about how I’d, as a youth, tried smoking pot . How I’d tried smoking pot twice at these try-hard teen parties and both time was a waste. And it did nothing but make me sleep. Sleep and then wake up totally starved, which I typically am anyhow. It was such a waste of a potentially awesome night. Also, I’m one of those girls who likes self-control and give it up rarely… any drug just couldn’t be a fit knowing this. Though I obviously don’t know much about the pot lovers of this world, I can certainly see how the following type of music is entirely loveable to them. How melodic and sweet it is! That’s all I’d tried to say.

Except, I’d failed to mention it was in my youth the first go-around and now I wonder how many of my friends think I smoked pot recently. It’s crazy how much we miss when we don’t communicate well… And so I laugh. Nothing will mess up people’s lives like words if we aren’t wise.

Here’s the thing… this music is so awesome, pot isn’t even required. Drugs or things of this world aren’t required. Isn’t that just so great that nothing is required but you just as you are and your choice to live simple and live in love?! Just a zeal for true love and heart longing to be free. It a new day- it’s your choice to live it as such too so why don’t you stick up your middle and pointer fingers simultaneously to the world today would ya?

Peace my friends & be free,