Clouds took over those mountain peaks just minutes after I opened those blinds. And now it seems they’ve

disappeared for good; and I’ve only so much time to be here. I’ve only so much time it seems to soak them all in, and I’m near  sad without their physical presence. I know you could write me back here and remind me, ‘they’re just behind those clouds Dee’, and I could do nothing but agree in the simple logic of it all.

But sometimes logic doesn’t cut it for those beating hearts of ours. See what I’m doing here? Do you know where I’m about to go?

Because I know how easy it is to think things are just on the rise of getting better. A new day will have dawned and you are more than ready to see the sun in a cloudless sky. And then it seems from nowhere dark things take over those skies and your hope sinks deeper away from your heart. Your kids fight, your love leaves from a heated fight, and all you’d thought was resolved at work brings anxiety back like switching tides. Will it ever be alright? Will you ever be okay? Or will your anger always get the best of you? Will you always slip back into those hurtful patterns and dangerous addictions? Will you always fear and never feel confident?

I know, my friend. I know it feels like hope disappears so quickly, and the fight for life seems so hard. But those mountains- they’re right behind those clouds, and that hope remains there too.

See, if I know anything at all, I know hope is like a mighty rock- tall and unmovable. Hope is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and more loving than a mother. And hope is all these things because

true hope is only found in one place, in one person. In the person of Christ, hope exists and remains. It is only because of Him I have ever found joy and good when darkness surrounds. Everything else is too quick and easy to slip away.

It’s all in my resolve, and it’s all in my ability to trust in that which only seems logical in theory. I could tell you, ‘hope is right behind those darker places, friend’, but if you choose not to look, you’ve chosen not to find. And I know with all my heart and mind it isn’t easy, but my sweet friends, it is possible. And after possibility, life seems to change its very face. Suddenly you don’t feel so rushed to find what is already stirring beyond the dark. The answers, the resolve, the restoration and unshakable joy will come. You can rest in His hope assured.

I pause and sigh and look again. Sigh and smirk and find piles of evergreens leading me towards traces of solid rock and snowy mountain peaks. And the clouds? They still remain.

“My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus Christ, my righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust on Jesus’ name. On Christ, the solid rock I stand; ALL other ground is sinking sand, When darkness veils His lovely dace, I rest on His unchanging grace; In every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the Veil.”