In the spirit of gratitude for second chances and fresh air


Well it’s nearly been a year since I went to Lacey, WA and found my little soul busting out of deathly living. And so, following is something I hold dear to me. A word that would never leave me, and would in fact be a catalyst of change for a bound up kind of heart.

Suddenly short of breath and full of the facts I couldn’t do it anymore. I’d placed myself there in that old wooden coffin though I were dying to myself and living for Him when the Son really shone and a new day dawned on me. I needed out. I couldn’t breathe. Life had escaped these dry bones but I’d considered myself  humble, when really I’d laid down in that coffin like a mat for feet to be wiped.

It’d been so dark there. Dark and full of dust, but I hadn’t known any different. In fact…

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