Can’t even wait! Join me and tell me your stories with Gift Boxes of Hope!


I love a good gift. And I’m being entirely honest when I tell you, I love gifting others. There’s this mad rush of joy that goes running over me when I get to choose, wrap and give gifts to literally anyone.

And so, with HART’s Annual Gift Boxes of Hope night coming up this Thursday October 17th at Centre Street Church at 5.30pm, you can imagine my glee. I’m stoked.

Here’s the challenge for this year; let’s choose all the children. We’re noticing the young teen-aged guys need someone to love on them with a gift box.

It was difficult for me to hear about how many guys in this age group are either living on the streets, living with all the family responsibility, or living in prison. It hurts me to consider these young people should have life figured out in the least if they haven’t received the…

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