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A dream is a wish your heart makes. That’s what my friend Cinderella sings while caught up in a more than disappointing situation. I think it’s where we often find ourselves in life as well. We wish and we hope and we dream.vlad

This is the story of Vlad & Yulia’s life. They dream, and they dream a lot. But there is always a backbone behind these dreams, which pushes this powerhouse couple not only to dream, but to them follow through with making their dreams a reality. Their dreams are simple, and selfless. Help the young people of Moldova find a second chance; help them to find the real beginning of life.

When we had arrived there in Chisinau late last May, we had very little time for all that we’d see. And after time with our beloved friends of the House of Change, Urban Center, PAS: Psychological Art Studio, School Prevention Program, Sponsor-Adoption Program, and Man Zone, we just didn’t have enough time to visit the latest dream in the midst of coming true; the Dream House.

But just one week ago, Vlad and Yulia opened the doors to eight girls between Thirteen and Fourteen years of age, vulnerable to the attacks of human trafficking. This prevention center for girls at risk uses a holistic approach to round out these young ladies, setting them up for a future filled with hope. It is incredible to me through simple partnerships with local authorities, Vlad, Yulia and their team have already filled a house. These girls will have three years within the care of The Dream House staff to eradicate the lack of parental care, extreme poverty living, poor levels of life and literacy skills and exchange it for education, love, wisdom, and confidence to grace this world with their beautiful presence. I truly believe there is not one child who doesn’t dream of being inexplicably loved. Christ dares us to care for the orphans in their distress and I believe He does so to understand we were meant for more than dreaming. We were meant for living!Julia

In a place like Moldova, where in the past two decades alone, more than 160,000 children were left behind while their parents found work abroad or simply abandoned these children, the Dream House is certainly a dream come true for the current and future participants.

A dream is certainly a wish many hearts make, but the beauty of life is unveiled when our dreams are pushed deeply into action. We’re so proud of BoL for dreaming up and executing that which seems impossible for those in the thick of disappointment. Because of their tireless efforts, eight less children will feel abandoned or left behind. Eight beautiful young ladies can once more recall their dreams as the staff lead them to action and a life of abundant fulfillment.

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