Her name is Ali* and her teeth are straighter than you’d ever seen on a person. I’m sure you’ve got some rebuttal about your auntie or that girl on the Colgate commercial, but I’m telling you, nothing compares to this set of pearls.lovethem

And they do; they shine and glow like pearls tonight beside this dark alley and those humming industrial lights while we talk it up about her teeth and our gratitude for the warmth. It’ll be cold soon enough and those pretty teeth will chatter while donning the same mini skirt and heels. She’s hiding that big grin now, slight of insecurity and fear and all I can see is this beautiful child of God.

Her hips shuffle from one skinny side to the other, and my heart flutters heavy while I recall Ali still needs to flaunt what she’s got for those truckers passing by. She giggles while we talk, like old friends might do, and it all happens once again.

She doesn’t even know it, but Ali and her breaking frame captivate me. Like a rush of His blood- like a rush of His love, I’m ready to wrap her all up and bring her home. Because she’s ripe full of stories, of heartache and potential life filled with His glory that I can’t help but want to be right there. I can’t help but want deeply to soak it all in and see God move a life from breaking to breathing. It’s difficult to live life any other way once you’ve felt that pulse rip through your own life. It’s tough not to crave freedom for the sake of others knowing His great love for their tiny breaking frames.

And her teeth, they shine like pearls through the night. While those lights hum and the trucks continue to come she’ll captivate me days and months and years to follow. And I’ll just want to bring her home, sweet home.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of my sweet new friend.