I remember the first time someone came to a training night for a grassroots ministry I’m humbled to be part of in my city. We were all talking about what brought us all to that room that night. I remember that someone reeling in their own confusion. What this person said probably won’t ever leave me.

“I don’t know why I’m here, and I’m afraid I’ve just shown up because Human Trafficking is a Trending Topic.”

A trending topic. My heart sunk; I could see exactly where she were coming from. I know I’d asked myself the very same thing. It is a fact!

It’s a fact. Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery could just be a trending topic… {insert deep, understanding breath here} or we could focus on the truth: Modern Day Slavery could simply be tragic enough to bend us all backwards until breath can no longer reach our lungs. Trafficking isn’t trending my friends.

Perhaps there’s this moment in time and space when the whispering winds of Holy Spirit weeps blows soft through our hair and sends chills down our spines to land hard in the pit of our souls. Maybe it isn’t a trending topic. Maybe it’s just tragic and requires hoards of people who experienced bondage of any kind to show them what freedom really looks like. To stand up tall while they cannot and to fight on their weakening behalves.

I’m convinced it’s a generation of freedom seekers- much like thrill seekers- whom have this vision in their eyes and love in their hearts for setting those captive free. I’m convinced it isn’t a cool trend to be part of seeing people freed. In fact, it’s terribly heart-wrenching every day I sit in my office and know just four blocks to my right women are sold. Love for these men, these women, and these children is a labor. A labor of love in which I’m blessed to fight for, and a labor of love which hurts every day there is still slavery.

Human Trafficking is certainly not a trending topic. It’s a moment in time and space where the whispering for freedom rings loud in our chest and an army of love fights relentless for freedom.

Here’s an awesome program fighting for freedom; Daughters of Cambodia. I hope you’re encouraged freedom fighters; Trafficking isn’t a trending topic, it is a tragedy in which the freedom seekers of our day {yes, our day} will end in the hopes the freedom we have experienced, they too might know.

“Our motto must continue to be ‘Perseverance'” – William Wilberforce