I know it’s tough. My heart knows, it’s not easy.

The trouble with truth is that it’ll hit you at your core, make you weak, stick to the sides of your heart and make it beat all funny and incomplete until you choose to accept. To believe. To know that truth differs from fact and freedom different from deliverance.

But we all get caught up in our struggles like life is supposed to be vacation and you were built for more than that! My friend you were built for more than yourself. For more than lounging and sleeping. More than indulgence and self-satisfaction. All that gets boring after seven days anyway.

You were built to understand the facts of life while resting certain in the truth of Christ. The living Christ. Those words that bring you comfort, joy, hope, and wisdom. You were made to find deliverance at your doorstep from the very giving hands of God. To find deliverance and accept it as the gift it truly is. Accept it as the gift and then walk out your deliverance in faith to secure your freedom. Freedom that only comes from walking out deliverance in faith.

You were made for more than vacating your life. You were made for sunshine and grueling heat. For grey clouds and freezing winds. Warm sands and jagged rocks. Laughter with friends and peace even amidst the loneliness. You were made my friends, for so much more than suffering through struggles without drinking deep the reward of your faith. You were built to overcome.

Don’t lose sight. Please consider not to run away. I know well that life isn’t easy, but you weren’t built just for easy anyway.

Today’s post is dedicated to Grandma Evans. Thank you for living a life worthy of your calling. For loving and fighting and being. Your heart was strong and taught us how not to vacate life when the going gets rough. Thanks for always being truthful and never shying away from the struggle but finding gladness through it all. You always knew the fruit of your faith were around the corner. Thanks for your love & ever-encouraging spirit. Have a blast with Papa God. -See you