It was there last night in the light grey sky of a summer night and I needed more than I should dare. No sweeter frame, I’d said earlier that morning. In Christ alone, I’d lifted my hands. And there I found myself wrapped in flesh like human and in dire need of this hug. Soak it up like water over wilting grass, over cracking earth and soil.

That sprinkler was spinning as though it never stopped in the silence of an embrace I’d missed much more than I’d understood until that very moment. Closed eyes, beating heart, tippy-toes and nose tucked small in the gap of a familiar neck. I’m learning letting go is like the ripping of one heart.

Caught up in an embrace and left to let it go just as I’ve had to many times before. I’m left here on the stoop of this home by myself to consider my King. The One. My true Only. How great, how deep, how wide the love of Christ for me {I tear right up just to write it out}. And I’d missed the simplicity of this embrace, and I’d recalled my true love is for a King. Skin clings to me like the flesh of a human while I long for the things Christ lingers ’round to shower over me. How do I not choose Him some days…

Left there on the stoop to consider my King, His Great Grace, warm mercy, forgiveness cool like new air, I am wrapped. I am showered. And after all these tendencies like humanness in me, He waits patient. Allows me the time to once again let go. Takes my hand and leads me to an embrace of love by a man I’d never know. With Him, I am so in love.