My pastor right punched me in the gut with his incredible message this past Sunday.Punched me in the kind of way you could only be grateful for the truth and grace spoken.

Find the good, he said. I’d been staring at the awful.

Grow, he said. I’d been sadly stagnant for I’m unsure how long.

Life is a choice, He called out. I’d been so wrapped in a cycle I’d forgotten every day in Him is brand spankin’ new.

It’s not about feeling good for every moment, he said. I’d been so emotionally consumed by the circumstances rather than standing firm in character.

It’s a good life. It’s one life. Let’s live it to its fullest… that’s why it’s been given to us anyway!

This is Edon. I like him. Probably more than I adore Biebs. And that’s saying a lot.

Enjoy {really, it’s a choice}!