I’ll take this girl out today and I’ll fall in love again with her sweet heart, though I’d just fallen in love last night. It’ll happen today too. I love sisters, and today, this little wild child will celebrate love with all us girls and I can’t imagine anything other than all the pretty wild things and laughter. She makes me giddy like a little child, and I know, I know, I know today we will not say so-long to her single heart but watch this golden girl glow into the beauty of marriage. Makes me cry a little!

I’ll get her all dressed up silly in bright pants and flowers ’round her wheat blonde head and we’ll skip right out of that house she pours her love into. We’ll dance and grow like wild flowers in the sun; She is Whimsy.

Here’s to you my sweet, simple, beautiful sister and bride to be. Let’s go be wild and show that pretty heart of yours off.