She’s nodding her head like they can see her. Nodding her head and fingers flailing as she lets the person on the other end of the phone know with exuberance what she needs. As though they’d tell her excitement through the telephone line. And we all do it. With our hands, our eyes, our words and what we do; we make gestures.

Gestures that perhaps we’ll later regret, or later nearly praise our self for. We make gestures in the sitting and the standing that we do. With fists held high or hearts humbled low, you are constantly suggesting something.

Sometimes, or maybe, many times were making gestures no one will ever see. No one will ever recognize. No one that is, beside our very own soul.

And so I wonder at the staggering statistics of trafficking, of pornography, of prostitution and unfaithfulness; what are the gestures you are making? I’m just wondering with your hands, your eyes, your words and what you choose to do when no one else can see more than those words you might choose to speak; are you eradicating or investing in the selling of human beings?

The porn you sit tight with- are those really willing participants or are you simply now a visual witness and participant of slavery (multitudes of children and women are forced & coerced into pornography every single day… and now you cannot say you’d never known)? And those sad looking children down the street you fear for; I wonder if you’d figured out how to become a safety for them or ignored them away like lice-ridden strays? Or those girls you walk by every night just to get home- will you continue to dart your eyes as though you never knew? What are your gestures? What are you saying with all you do, really?

Because though I see her there with hands flailing and head bobbing in exuberance, the ones on the other end of that line never will.