Here I sit at this beautiful kitchen counter, counting down the mere hours before I jet-set across the world. There is a certain moment, I’m sure, I’ll really realize that I’m going places. And it’ll hit me and I’ll probably cry more than I did while I lifted my hands high in the shower this morning to praise the God that purposed me.

Today I’ll embark just over 5700 miles and arrive in Turkey, soak in the beauty, history, and present culture. Jump on another flight and arrive in Moldova to hear from the most beautiful women who are not victims, not survivors but overcomers of Modern Day Slavery. Jump on a bus and end up in L’viv Ukraine to find joy in little faces looking deeply for love and receiving it by the good partners of HART.

And I’ve decided I’m going not as a wanderer of live but a wonderer of Christ’s love worldwide.

And I sit here at this kitchen counter full of joy and questions and hope. What will such an adventure bring, and just how much could I lend a hand, a heart and a voice to those in need? Wonder with me, let’s go find out.