Here’s the thing. I’m so full of  zero sleep, caffeine and adrenaline I can barely think straight… and I love it!

Some people ask if I’m afraid of being trafficked when I go over to Europe today. And frankly, I’m not at all. Every month I am part of something dangerous here in my own city… I have an incredible God, full of power and glory. What He wills for me to accomplish for His glory is up to Him, and I just follow suit.

Besides, if I get trafficked, I figure I’m not the one to be afraid. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and a Bumblebee (thanks Veggie Tales), you could put me into any ol’ fire and I’m only about to give Him more glory. I’m confident I’ll just start working for freedom on the literal front lines. And I’d do that here in my own country or anywhere in the world. I don’t change with the change of scenery.

Today is a day of celebration, the day of something new and full of potential. Almost like the ceiling can’t even hold us.

“I shed my skin and put my bones into everything… tonight is the night, we’ll fight til it’s over

So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us”- Macklemore