I’d asked if he liked the new hip hop album from an artist we’d both really liked. Simply put, he said no. I was afraid since we were newer friends than older friends… Maybe this wasn’t a good starting block to begin a conversation.

Beginning conversations is still new to me. I’ve practically lived in a cave the past year and a bit. But trying hard, I kept in memory the things this newer friend liked. Dag it. Was I hooped…?

Oh, how come? I’d asked, hoping my ‘Open Ended Question’ classes in university psych were expensive for a reason.

Because. He said. Oh great, I thought.


He paused. I was stuck. And then he spoke.

I don’t like it because I’m trying to live this life where I glorify Christ alone and these artists keep talking about themselves and their pasts as though that were the point of glory they got to own. And when I think of that point where He came into my life, I can’t help but think that hearing about myself must begin to end. And it’s great to hear the testimony of a radically changed man, but if it ends right at the man, then that had to just simply be the end… for me anyways.

Because I know my King is worthy of all praise from simple men, who in their worst form, He performed His best. And if He is best and he made us a little less shouldn’t we make ourselves the least- just the same as He had? And I was sure the point of His pointing to the cross was to point us to the only love that could save us from… us. And yet here we stand boasting and proclaiming in the name of a Good God the greatness of our change… when really we should just be boasting in the greatness of our good God.

He slouched just slightly and began to speak again.

I went through every lyric of every song and asked the Lord God Almighty to show me everything that wasn’t okay. Everything that didn’t point to Him would be gone, and done. Done and gone out of my life and my iPod.

Because he didn’t come to Fame Us. He came to make God’s name famous… right?

We turned our heads away from each other, staring straight ahead and listening to the instructions for this lovely late night trek. But I couldn’t help myself, I was sidetracked. More like side-swiped with this quick little message. That God, would humble himself and choose us. Calling us therefore into humble righteousness, living a life worthy of this gift. And this good gift giver worthy of all our praise, is receiving… what?

See, at the end of the day, it’s not necessarily about the music. As you see in my song of the day posts, I don’t just listen to ‘christian’ stuff… It is about the heart. It’s about the position our heart is in, and whether we are doing, listening and spending our time in that which bring Him joy, brings our praise to Him & living a life entirely worthy of who He is to us.