(a written, Spoken Word)

It’s strange to me how often I find myself

Measure the fatty in this face and a widening waist

And shrinking chest and this bed-head mess

But I. But I…

 I fail to take a check at the size of this

internal treasure chest

locked bright behind those strong ribs

like the pulse of a heart in a dark lions den

gentle beauty of a dove rests down in my core

with the soft touch of a mother

just to show you that Pure

Measures in ten times bigger than little Goliath’s lures

… Measure this

heart beat sweetly with

Eyes wide and on the prowl

to lose sight of myself and seek the Glory of the Lord

Sing it now without one single sound

Shining Life giving Glory back to Him again

Measure This,

I need to measure this simply

Because life is bigger than the size of these jeans

And this worlds beauty smaller than my smallest worldly dreams

So I won’t waste any more time

Pinching the waist caressing this

bold backbone standing soundly, I find

 I need to measure this

Treasure found only deep within my chest

Shining bright as that sparkle

In my laughter, in His Joy

I will measure this